samedi 24 octobre 2009

Gorilla Gripping - Démo 2009 [english version]

Here is the moment to start with the first post, how hard? crinique what? (Eric can only understand this word), take a disc that has already rocked my distant youth, a record today, play the connoisseur of dust suppressant watch demo of an unknown group of the '80s ... I think this will come in time.

For now, I begin with the current group: Gorilla Gripping. I have a bias with this group they are in my area and of course given the number of people to listen to punk / HC in the region of Montbéliard, we know each other personally. I will try as much as possible to keep a critical ear on this demo.
Start with the packaging. This is a K7 to the careful presentation. It includes a mini 4-page booklet containing lyrics, the line-up and thanks. Everything is edited by Thrashzone Rec in question number 01. Everything is rather minimalist, no translation of words or even photos, history and even the see people. For sound, it is more than honest. Its just a degree worthy of the 80s, to say that this has been done in room rehearsing, the result is more than conclusive. Regarding the songs, there are 4 songs and 3 times. The words repeat of''classic''themes of the HC scene, sadness, frustration, need to remain a kid ... everything is tied, and still the best demo I've heard lately. That leaves more than delivered on that trial with a 7''??


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