dimanche 16 janvier 2011


En attendant l'arrivée du LP de Low Threat Profile je calme mon impatience avec ce 7'' de Mindless Mutant. Composé par des membres de Spazz , Look Back And Laugh et Our Tourn , bon pédigrée non ? , le groupe fait dans le power violence un brin lourd et pesant. Ce disque est bien plus qu'une sorte de méthadone pour le junky vinilique que je suis , c'est un must have , pressé à 1 000 exemplaires , il fut sold out en quelques temps.

MINDLESS MUTANT - Same ep [USA - 2006]
01 - Without
02 - Cut throat
03 - Speed
04 - Words
05 - Fear
06 - Manipulate

Mindless mutant - Same ep

3 commentaires:

  1. great inside cover!
    & nice that mediaplayer
    im too dumb to figure out probably,but if i find out i steal the idea from you ;-0
    and sold out huh,damn 5 months away and i missed ALOT
    but ill take the mp3's

  2. Hi Dan

    Happy that you are back
    see a lot of post on your blog , I need time now to listen all this stuff

    all the best

  3. yeah glad to be back too,5 months is a long and mostly without internet too,also had a little conflict with my internet provider ;-)they cut off my connection for ca 4 months,wasnt feeling well and bored as hell,so digged up some old data dvd's,you gotta do something right ha ha
    and tried to clean up some goodies,now quickly uploading em before they re gonna cut me off again,you never know
    hope there's something for your taste !
    starting on good old/thrash/crossover stuff soon so lots more to come ;-)
    c-ya Dan