jeudi 10 juin 2010


J'avais promis de poster des trucs de chacun des groupes figurant sur la compile Punx don't drink. Je commence par Poison Planet. En provenance de Chicago le groupe fait partie de cette nouvelle scène SxE , plus orientée politiquement et sonnant d'avantage Boston que NYC. Ce groupe fit un gros buzz l'année dernière après une démo de très bonne facture . Cet ep devait sortir sur le label hollandais de Danny Less Slow More Go!!!; malheureusement après avoir reçu les morceaux et payé un gars pour faire une pochette , PxP ne donna plus signe de vie , pas très réglo donc. Peu de temps après je les retrouve sur la compile Punx don't drink et le ep est annoncé également sur Third X Party. Un problème de pressage , seulement 100 copies sont sorties à ce moment là, les pré-order ne sont pas honorés et les copies sont vendues lors de la release de la compile. Un second pressage 300 vient de paraître , cette fois en vinyl marbré magenta , vous pouvez l'avoir par Revelation , le gars de Third X Party répondant très rarement aux mails ce sera plus rapide. Un petit truc rigolo , le disque contient un insert avec les partitions , vous pourrez donc jouer au PoisonxPlanet dans votre chambre.
 Donc à vous de juger si ce skeud vaut vraiment autant de remue ménage , pour moi c'est un must have quand même.

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  1. Thank you for many great albums friend! :) Do you want exchange linnxxx?

  2. for nothing , for me you could take my links ... up the punxxx

  3. great album!

    very very good blog, soo fucking blog!!!


  4. Hey, I'm reading this review through a translator so I may be getting some of the details wrong but I wanted to make some comments.

    We were looking forward to Danny releasing the demo on 7". I actually got halfway done with the layout when we started going through a ton of line-up changes. From Sept 08, a couple weeks before this record was recorded, until Nov 09 we had a constantly changing cast of musicians and the band always seemed on the very of falling apart. In that time I lost contact with Danny and he didn't pursue contact with me so the release seemed forgotten. Also note they weren't supposed to be these songs - he was going to release the demo on vinyl.

    Also, this was written that I didn't honor the pre-orders. Everyone who ordered before 3/17/09 (the record release show) received a first press copy. Anyone who ordered after 3/17/09 received a 2nd press copy. The long delay on the 2nd press also had to do with not knowing if the band was going to keep going or break up.

    As for me being terrible with e-mail responses and shipping orders... I'll be the first to admit it - I suck. I'm terrible with prioritizing my time, but everyone always gets their crap eventually. That's actually why I haven't taken pre-orders on my next two releases coming out this summer - I don't want to get myself into trouble like I always do. Getting my records through RevHq or Sentient is always the best option.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to blog about our record - its much appreciated. Here's a link to download our upcoming EP out later this summer....

  5. Hi Nick
    Glad to met you here
    Sure I have only the Danny point of view on it , it's sad that your demo wasn't release in vinyl , it kick ass , if one day you're ok to do it , I could do it :)

    for the pre-order , I read it on a blog too , and two of my friend have pre order it , they receive nothing ... this is why I say it ; I know it's hard to do pre-order.
    Your band is great , new songs sounds great , now I'm impatient to listen your new work in vinyl

  6. We would still be up for pressing the demo in Europe I imagine. Ask Danny if he's cool with it or if he still wants to do it. We should be down. I already have the layout started. It wouldn't take much to finish it.

    If you know anyone who still hasn't gotten their records tell them to e-mail me at and we'll figure it out. I can only think of one person still waiting for an old order but I could be wrong.

    I'm glad you like the new stuff. We should have it out in a month of so on vinyl.

    Awesome. Thanks!

  7. cool , thanxxx , off course i will talk with Danny about it. I will phone to my friends tomorrow to say to write you about the pre-order. I order some Boiling Over stuff from you ( , if you don't have already send it , you could wait , and send theire records with my packet to save postage , i would give to them after. YES , your new session kick ass. Could I make a article about it on the blog ??? thanxxx a lot

  8. YOHO,
    Alex,emailed you and Nick,you lazy fucker ;-) you should have contacted me/send me stuff!!! i was waiting and waiting,and yeah a little freaked out after the POLICE BRUTALITY 7''let down (band didnt respond anymore etc...$200 down the drain...)
    so i was carefull with the next ones
    but that demo still needs to be pressed onto vinyl for sure
    so still wanna do it,Alex and i always talked about doing a split label release and since he s into releasing it too it might a cool idea to do a a dutch/french release
    but ill email you about it Nick!

    Dan-less slow

  9. YES Dan , it's would be great to do a co-prod on it
    waiting news with impacience , we could press it here in OSV

    and the Sucked Dry ep ? I still want some copies for distro here in France

    all the best